Accept Electronic Payments

Now accept electronic payments at competitive rates with no monthly fee.  Accept Debit/Credit cards and ACH/E-Check transfers with a trust-account compliant payments system that allows you to discount fees from your operating account.  


Sync with Clio to sync contacts and matters with Prima.Law to autofill forms and assemble packages, that you can then send back into Clio for storage in the client's matter.


Connect to over 2,000 other apps that you use in your firm. Share data and set triggers and actions in Prima.Law to automate many daily tasks.


Import contacts from PracticePanther and build your forms and packages inside Prima.Law and use Prima.Law's unique tools.

Text Messaging

Send SMS and MMS Text Messages with our Twilio integration.  Yes, you can send pictures too!  Send and receive messages directly from the contact page for each contact in Prima.  Get email notifications when you receive an incoming message too.


Enable Chat between your clients and you when they are using the client portal in Prima.Law

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