Immigration Tools
and Forms

We were built by immigration attorneys.

Immigration Forms

Take advantage of an integrated autofilling forms library to speed the generation of USCIS, EOIR, ETA, DOL, and DOS forms.


Send your clients convenient questionnaires or smart interviews to gather the data to fill the forms in their case.

Pre-Defined Case Types

We have created over 140 pre-defined case templates with checklists, forms and case flows.

Case Management Features

   Contacts / Cases
   Tasks Management
   Phone Call Assignment
   Case Reports
   “Package Assembly”
   Client Portal

   Trust Accounting
   Payment Plan Generation
   Document Storage
   Zapier Integration
   And More

Unique Immigration Features

   Visa Bulletin Reports
   Expiration Date Reports
   Passport Expiration
   USCIS Receipt Tracking
   USCIS Receipt Status 

   140 Pre-Defined Case Types
   Immigration Case Checklists
   Case Flows 
   Custom Case Type Creation

Autofill and Reverse Autofill

Use information from the contact profile to autofill your forms. You can also dive directly into the forms and save that information directly to the contact profile as well.

Timely Updates

We have created over 140 pre-defined case templates with checklists, forms and case flows.As forms are updated, we prepare them to be used in Prima so your forms are up to date. You will also see warnings if you try to use an expired form.

Pricing is

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Least Expensive Solution

Licensing requires 1 core license and 1 forms
license for each user whose name appears on the
forms and each user who accesses the forms.
“Manage-Only” licenses can also be purchased for
$10 /month with no access to the forms in the


Prima “Manage” + Immigration Tools

Monthly Plan

   All Management Features
   Immigration Forms
   Immigration Tools


Prima “Manage” + Immigration Tools

Annual Plan

   All Management Features
   Immigration Forms
   Immigration Tools

Package Assembly lets you compile Forms, Exhibits, Addendums and Notes into one ready to sign .PDF

Mistake in the package? No problem, go back, and edit it. Then recompile and you’re ready to go.

Need a table of contents? Page Numbers? Footer? Generate them all with a few clicks.

Paginated Table of Contents

Auto-generate it. The paginated table of contents is a requirement for Immigration Court and probably the most time consuming task in preparing the case. Prima will do it in seconds.

USCIS petitions look polished and organized when you include a table of contents and automatically included exhibit sheets.

The Best Forms Editor in the Business

Our forms editor works with our questionnaires so you can autofill information that you collect from your clients.

With “Reverse Autofill” the information you type into the form is saved into your contact profile for later use.

No “Save” button required. As you type your information in, it is saved to the server. No more filling a form to find that you just lost it all.