U.S. Federal District Court and Bankruptcy

Business Happens In Federal Court

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Case Mastery Features

Create Custom Case Templates with

   Case Flows


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   Package Assembly
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Package Assembly lets you compile Forms, Exhibits, Addendums and Notes into one ready to sign .PDF

Mistake in the package? No problem, go back, and edit it. Then recompile and you’re ready to go.

Need a table of contents? Page Numbers? Footer? Generate them all with a few clicks.

The Best Forms Editor in the Business

Our forms editor works with our questionnaires so you can autofill information that you collect from your clients.

With “Reverse Autofill” the information you type into the form is saved into your contact profile for later use.

No “Save” button required. As you type your information in, it is saved to the server. No more filling a form to find that you just lost it all.

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