Prima.Law has a flexible pricing structure that allows you to purchase the core management features for each user, and also add additional licenses for any forms packages that user may need. Thus you may have users with access to different libraries, or the management features only.


Yearly Plan

Prima Manage

No forms, just the core case management features of Prima.Law
$ 10 Monthly, per user
  • Contact Management
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Zapier Integration
  • Billing/Invoices
  • Time Tracking
  • PrimaPay Electronic Payments
  • Text Messaging Integration via Twilio
  • Client Portal
  • Calendar

Prima Manage + Immigration

Flexibility of A Monthly Subscription
$ 50 Monthly, per user
  • All Prima.Law Management Features
  • USCIS, EOIR, DOS, DOL and ICE Forms
  • Priority Date Tracking
  • Expiration Date Tracking
  • USCIS Receipt Tracking / Updating
  • 150 Pre-Defined Case Types with Checklists, Caseflows and Forms.
  • EOIR Import Tool
  • I-94 Update Tool

Prima Manage + California Forms

Flexibility of a Monthly Plan
$ 35
Monthly per user
  • All Prima.Law Management Features
  • California Judicial Council Forms
  • County Forms From all California Counties
  • Autofill from contact profiles

Prima Manage + Social Security Forms

Felixibility of a Monthly Plan
$ 20 Monthly, per user
  • All Prima.Law Management Features
  • US Social Security Forms
  • Autofilling Forms
  • Regular Updates

Prima Manage + Federal District Court Forms

Flexibility of a monthly plan
$ 25
Monthly, per user
  • All Prima.Law Management Features
  • Forms from all 94 Federal District Courts
  • Includes Bankruptcy
  • Create your own case templates
  • Autofilling Forms from Contact Profile